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Lemons Social & it's sister company Paragon120 is dedicated to helping all businesses and its staff grow. By using strong tools and strategies in your business, you will see wnother area of positive growth. Take care of your staff and your customers. 

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Paragon 120 is a specialised team of Business Coaching Managers & Luxury Branding consultants. We have over six years of experience, a global knowledge bank of branding & business consulting is at your finger tips.

Helping organisations maintain a high employee retention rate. Training staff, equipping them with tools for a highly strategic customer service experience that provides value to your customer every step of the way.  See below for more information on our luxury branding services. 

Luxury Branding

In today's market place the word Luxury is used to represent a higher level of class. Though with a higher percentage of (the new rich) Luxury is is in high demand. Luxury service is a strategy every business should implement.

Giving your customer the VIP treatment is now essential on all levels. Learn the strategies used by all the top luxury brands. Take my course (a touch of luxury) or hire me to consult your business. 

I have the pleasure of travelling the world tasting luxury and working with top luxury brands. 
So add a taste of luxury to your business today. 
  1. Lemons Social has been a life saver for my online presence, my revenue has boosted to a steady 230% increase.


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