Lemons Social Media &
Paragon 120 - Lurxury Branding
Our Passion Is To Help Businesses Grow
W​e take a no nonsese approach to managing our clients marketing pressence, though we do love being playful when it comes to our imagination. 

The world of media is changing daily, it's our passion to keep up with the Jonses, capturing data is our goal, enabling communities locally and abroad to be connected as one. It's all about our customers.

 Key information about Lemons Social

 • Collectively we have over 12 years knowledge and experience

 • Our team come from various backgrounds giving us the edge        in social media branding

 • We love coffee, Kale chips and Sushi​

 • Our founder built Lemons Social with one fundamental rule: Always listen to the clients.
 •  We do business nationally and over the pond.