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Business Management & Consulting​
  1. Customer Service - The Happy Customer
    Does your business deal with customers? If so then it's vital that you care for your customers and provide them with the ultimate experience day in day out. It's a lot easier to retain customer than try to gain new ones. We can help you develop a wonderful connection with your customer by teaching you how to communicate with them, make them feel satisfied and wanting more of your service or poroduct.
  2. Your Attitude is your Businesses image
    The foundation of creating a customer service culture is understanding expectations, going the extra mile, and being a customer advocate. Applying behaviors of helpfulness, genuine interest, and respect moves customers from hostile or ambivalent toward supportive and enthusiastic.
  3. Managing Your Team - The Ultimate Manager
    Coaching service people to meet or exceed all these expectations requires a delicate balance of diplomacy and discipline. Effective service management begins with understanding a talent management process that includes planning, communication, monitoring, appraisal, and reward. As a manager, you establish measurable goals, and determine how they will monitor performance for team members. We can assist you to incorporate powerful strategies to make your day more smooth.
  4. Complaint resolution - Do anything to keep customers
    Master how you deal with emotional and rational aspects of complaints, Apply methods to reduce their stress & yours when resolving complaints. Help your customer leave satisfied with the outcome & reduce the number and type of complaints received
  5. Telephone Skills: Inbound & Outbound
    We can help you identify the small changes that can make a big difference in customer service. As a result, you will build confidence in yourselves and your abilities to be both responsive and proactive in your customer contacts.
  6. Learn how to overcome obstacles in customer service
    One powerful tool for solving service problems through collaboration and consensus is called the affinity process. This four-step model starts by helping you clearly identify the problem, rather than just the symptoms. Then you seek root causes so that you can focus on the underlying issues that create process and organizational barriers
  7. Executive Management Training
    Every Manager is the cornerstone of a company, they lift up their staff, motivate them to work well. They manage the consequences of poor customer service, the in and outs of the business accounting, advertising & the list goes on. Developing your skills as a manger can bring so many positive benefits for you, your staff and the company.
  8. Master the way of Advertising - Your Online Branding
    If you are dedicated to manage your on social media platforms, it;s vital that you have a strong knowledge of how to apply strict strategies that will help you to save money, & increase your sales.
  9. Provide Customer Service to Foreigners
    Does your business deal with foreigners on a continuous basis? Gain the right knowledge and skills to communicate with foreigners. Attract more sustomers to your brand and help people became aware of your company.

Our Services
All training comes with a certificate of completion.

Face to Face - Paragon120 offers effective, fun & easy to apply face to face training at your company or at our Head Office in Barangaroo Sydney. We travel the glob training small to large companies, so our knowledge bank is strong. With easy to adopt strategies your company will easily increase its bottom line. 
Online - We understand that business needs to go on as usual, this means time is a valuble source in which you and your staff may have very little of. We have taken all of our training and placed it online, this gives you and your staff the ability to take these lessons in your own time. Also by studying online we have reduced the overall cost of the training. So its a win win for everyone.
All our training programs are designed and tweaked to your individual business. From one person or 10,000 people needing training. We can accomodate you in any country.  Our Business Coaching is affordable and a absolute must for your companies growth.